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Carsten Kraus is an AI expert, investor, multi-entrepreneur and member of the Forbes Technology Council. As an AI expert, he is particularly committed to ensuring that Europe is not left behind when it comes to artificial intelligence. He is also convinced that new technologies create value for companies and people alike. To date, he has founded 12 companies himself and registered 25 patents in the field of artificial intelligence. With his company CK Holding, he invests in AI startups. Our task is to position Carsten Kraus as a strong voice in the AI boom and to support his political commitment through media coverage. 

What they got

  • Public Relations


46 articles

in 3 months

Interviews with Top Tier media

like Süddeutsche Zeitung, n-tv, Wirtschaftswoche

Agenda Setting

for the future of AI in Europe

  • A strong voice for AI in Germany
  • Agenda setting around the expertise of Carsten Kraus and the EU AI Act
  • Expert positioning in the field of innovation & AI in Germany
  • Editorial visits, interviews and podcasts
  • News monitoring and news hijacking in the general interest and business press
  • Strong statements about the EU AI Act

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Interview about Carsten Kraus' personal profile and the potential for AI companies in Europe

Big Data Insider

Carsten Kraus as a reporter from the World AI Festival in Cannes for Big Data Insider

Südwest Presse

Interview with Carsten Kraus about his assessment of AI and defense

n-tv Podcast "So techt Deutschland"

Podcast with Carsten Kraus about the EU AI Act

n-tv Podcast "So techt Deutschland"


News hijacking on ChatGPT hype & interview placement

Reporter from the World AI Forum in Cannes for heise