PR push for AI startup and personal branding for Carsten Kraus

The AI software Casablanca was developed by a team of AI experts around series founder Carsten Kraus. Casablanca uses artificial intelligence to generate natural eye contact in video calls. Carsten Kraus has been working with AI for over 20 years, has registered several patents of his own and has also turned some of them into successful companies (, He is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and appears, among other things, at the World AI Festival in Cannes on the topic of "The Future of AI".

We are already getting started before the official launch (planned for mid-2023) and are organizing exciting reports on the technology behind Casablanca - after all, we need to take advantage of the AI hype that has just been rekindled by Chat GPT. In addition, we are responsible for the personal branding of AI expert Carsten Kraus and have developed a thought leadership strategy for this.

What they got

  • Public Relations


56 articles

in 2 month after start

Pre-launch communication

Increase brand awareness even before the planned launch

  • Pre-launch communication for
  • Big bang for the planned launch
  • Thought leadership and personal branding for founder and AI expert Carsten Kraus
  • News hijacking for all topics around video calls and artificial intelligence.
  • Thought leadership around the topics of AI regulation and European AI Act
  • Press seeding: Casablanca Black Box with exclusive product preview to selected journalists and influencers
  • Editorial visits to business and trade journalists
  • Interview and podcast placements

heise online

Expert reporter from the World AI Forum in Cannes for Heise Online

Internet World Business

Article about the technology behind Casablanca


Expert discussion with Carsten Kraus about the European AI Act

Carsten Kraus im Podcast mit n-tv

Big Data Insider

Expert reporter from the World AI Forum in Cannes for Heise Online

Werben & Verkaufen

Placement of Carsten Kraus as first AI expert in the new Podcast "AI Talk" of Werben und Verkaufen


Casablanca test by LinkedIn Influencer Céline Flores Willers


Interview with one of the biggest daily press in South Germany

Digitale Welt

Statement by Carsten Kraus on the European AI Act

IAVC World

Statement about AI regulation


Article about Casablanca's technology

Digital Business Cloud

Guest article about mimic in video calls


Interview mit ntv