frizle Kick-start for issuing shares

Frizle fresh foods AG produces fresh spaetzle and pancake dough batter, which has shelf-life without the addition of additives and preservatives. What makes the product unique is the packaging, as this is also the spaetzle press. Frizle fresh foods AG issued shares in June 2020.

The goal was to raise EUR 100,000 by November 30, 2020 through a cross media campaign. We started the campaign in a classic way: PR and performance via Linkedin and Facebook. The clicks and the reach were great, but unfortunately not enough investors appeared. That's why we acted quickly and changed the strategy: We ran ads via local radio stations and parallel ads in the regions of the radio ads on Facebook and LinkedIn. This way, we were not only able to reach the goal in 4 weeks, but to far surpass it.

What they got

  • Social Media
  • Online Marketing


€ 400.100





Radio activation in south Germany

Investment of EUR 100.000

  • Performance Marketing on Linkedin & Facebook
  • Press release & journalist contact
  • Local cross media campaign via Facebook, Instagram and radio advertising

Get the cash!

Lead Generation to the landing page

Advertising on Social Media

Radio activation in south Germany