remberg Investor Relations for Industry Startup

The Munich-based company remberg is developing a new type of CRM software. The focus is not on the customer, but on equipment such as machines, plants, vehicles or buildings - the basis for the age of IoT, primarily in industrial SMEs.

We advised the startup strategically on seed and series A communication and jointly developed a storyline to convince the medium of choice, Handelsblatt. In the second step, other startup, innovation and business media were also on the target list from a strategic perspective.

What they got

  • Public Relations


7 Mio.


47 articles

about Series A

Tier 1 Media

Handelsblatt, Forbes, MSN

  • Maximum attention from the target groups of investors and industry (SMEs)
  • Medium of choice: Handelsblatt


Exclusive pre-placement of the Series A

Business Insider

Placement of the investor story and co-features in e.g. Gr├╝nderszene, msn, yahoo finance

Startup Insider Podcast

Interview Investment


Story about remberg's vision

Big Data Insider

Placement in expert magazines

elektrotechnik automatisierung

Placement in special interest magazines