Graphic design - internship or working student (M/W/D) aka kreatives Powerhouse

Video killed the radio star? Well, not completely, but we definitely know how important good quality video content is for various social media platforms and that is what we want for our clients. You know how to place the tripod and set the mic? You know how to set the Lumetri colours in just the right amount? And you won’t rest until that profile photography looks naturally good, even though you spent 2 hours on Lightroom. Then we have been waiting for you like the latest Adobe update!

YOUR TASKS How your job looks like

First of all, we are a big fan of job crafting. This means that you decide where you want to go and which tasks you want to take on. Our job is to prepare and train you for that. Good deal, right? Here's an overview of what's involved in our daily business:


Coaching from the graphic team

You support the graphics team and learn a lot: From visuals to drawings to animations, we create everything in-house - and you're right in the middle of it!


Create videos

You'll support the team in creating videos - including creative thumbnails.


Photo and video shoots

You're not only in front of the Mac, but also in front of the camera! We'll take you to photo shoots and video shoots with our clients.



Yes, we got a lot of nice images and videos in our shooting - now it's time to skillfully optimize and retouch them.


Design of Social Media Content

The briefings just fly in to the graphics team - and you implement them: In videos, animations, infographics. You give free rein to your creativity!


Motion Graphics

You support the team in the creation of motion graphics - and you're up for trying out the entire Adobe Creative Suite

This is what the application process looks like 3 steps until we know if we are a match

1. Video interview: We invite you to the first interview via video call with our graphic team, Natalia and Julieta. This usually takes about 30 minutes, depending on how many questions you have.

2. Getting to know the team: a good team atmosphere is important for us that's why we involve everyone in the recruiting process. In the second step, you get to know part of the team, talk to different people over a coffee, and get a better insight into the agency's everyday life.

3. Final round: you will meet the graphic team, the team lead of social media and our founder for a chat about what you need to be able to work ideally, which work model you have in mind, what you would like to achieve and how we can support you. 


Let’s see what you got: send a link to your portfolio, including video's edition and/or motion graphics

What you can expect from us

  • Flexible working: With us, results count, not face time, which is why you divide your working hours yourself
  • In-house training: Every Thursday we offer in-house training
  • Team events: cocktail evenings, barbecue sessions, hut adventures and whatever else we can think of
  • Top equipped workplace - and of course cool merchandise
  • Dogs, alpacas and other fluffy companions are welcome in the office!