Dataiku Strategic PR in Germany

Together with Dataiku, one of the world's leading platforms for the democratization of AI projects, we implemented the communication style on the German market and took over the product and corporate communication. 

With a targeted mix of product and company news, use cases and thought leadership, we have been able to build and increase brand awareness in Germany. In cooperation with other Dataiku agencies worldwide, we have implemented joint projects – for example, a global study. 

What they got

  • Public Relations



high quality expert articles in 9 months

22 Backlinks

to the Dataiku website


Digital Business Cloud, IT Director, Industry of Things

Dataiku wanted to establish strategic PR in Germany. Among other things, the focus was to be on a presence in the trade media in order to place Dataiku and its expertise in the field of data science and artificial intelligence in the minds of target groups.

  • Building brand awareness
  • Expert positioning
  • Thought leadership
  • Clear agenda setting for the topic "Democratization of AI".
  • Placement of high-quality expert contributions
  • Creation of use cases
  • Presence in the german-speaking IT, digital and AI special interest media
  • Agenda Setting in Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Industry of Things

IT Finanzmagazin

IT Daily

Big Data Insider