KATEK SE IPO and strategic communication

KATEK Group is one of the fastest growing electronics companies in Europe. Its services include hardware and software development, prototyping, manufacturing and related services for high-value electronics.

KATEK SE went public in May 2021. We managed the communications for the IPO on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Prime Standard). The project scope includes public relations, social media communication and event communication.

In the on-going project, we are driving forward CxO positioning in the business press and expert positioning in trade media.

What they got

  • Public Relations
  • Event


234 M reach

in 3 month

588 publications

in 3 month

+ 136% more followers

in 6 month

  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Thought Leadership
  • Investor relations

On social media, especially on LinkedIn, the community is activated through interactive formats and grows exponentially. Via CEO positioning in LinkedIn live sessions and thought leadership, the relevant topics are strategically occupied for KATEK.

  • Development of CEO statements on overarching economic and political issues
  • 1:1 media briefings
  • Live sessions
  • Content production
  • Event Management of the Festival of Electronics
  • Building a transparent and openly communicating brand
  • Building the community on LinkedIn
  • Presence in the tier 1 media


Expert interview with CEO Rainer Koppitz on the topic of recession and the KATEK strategy


CEO statement on the material crisis

Expert interview with KATEK-CEO for manager magazin


Interview mit der WELT am Sonntag

CEO Placement in the ntv Podcast

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

KATEK live on LinkedIn

IPO Video

Expert article with facts of the survey

Expert article with facts of the survey

Expert article in the news section of one of the leading industry trade fairs for electronics

Expert article about the survey with data about automotive industry

Study of the EMS industry

Together with a market research institute, we surveyed 570 companies and electronics manufacturing service providers (EMS) in Europe about the future of the electronics industry. Topics included opportunities and challenges for the EMS industry over the next 5 years, how to deal with the materials crisis and the associated loss of sales, and the European Chips Act. We formed three topic clusters from the study, which we split into three campaigns to get the maximum effect out of them.

The results were prepared for both the press and social media - with a super response in the trade press and strong engagement in the form of shares and discussions under the article.