Mercio PR for Retail Tech

With Mercio, price optimization becomes a snap! Painstaking work that can take days turns into minutes. To define the right price for each product in the range, simple commercial calculation is not enough. The state of the economy, raw material availability as well as inflation must also be taken into account when setting prices. Mercio, the leading price management software provider for large retailers, uses cutting-edge AI technology and data science to do this. The platform is based on in-memory technology that can quickly calculate huge amounts of data and display the best price within a very short time. It can also show additional profit margins. In just 5 years, the French player has thus established itself as the market leader in the DIY and food sector and is now also aiming to enter the German market. Margin management at its best!

What they got

  • Public Relations


Successful launch

in the German target markets

Strategic placement

in marketing, food and DIY trade magazines


with over 600 participants

  • Launch of the French Mercio brand in Germany
  • Attracting the attention of retailers and marketing managers
  • Positioning of Mercio as a game-changer for retail pricing
  • Expert positioning and unveiling new knowledge with a study on the future of retailing
  • CEO positioning on the topic of the future of retail
  • Expert articles, interviews and statements on the topic of the future of retailing
  • Platzierung in allen relevanten Medien im Bereich Lebensmitteleinzelhandel und Baumarkt
  • Platzierung der CEO als Vordenkerin für Technologie im Einzelhandel


Placement of the study in the trade journal

Lebensmittel Zeitung

Placement of the obtained data for the food retail trade


Content placement in one of the top marketing magazines

Study on the future of retail

Together with a market research institute, we surveyed more than 200 German retailers and 400 international retailers from the UK and France on the topics of pricing, the consequences of inflation and the future of retailing. 

The key findings:

  • Retailers in the food, DIY and drugstore sectors surveyed are finding it increasingly difficult to calculate prices. 
  • Only just under a third of German retailers already use technological solutions such as price management software for their calculations, even though they themselves know that pricing is very time-consuming and laborious.
  • In England and France, more than 40 percent of retailers each use pricing tools.
  • Users of price management software reported higher sales since using it.