What do you need for successful PR? You want to get started with PR, but don't really know what you need? We have a checklist for you, what your basic set-up should look like to get started with PR. What do you need for successful PR?

Your Checklist for successful PR



Either you have someone in the team who is responsible for PR or you hire a PR agency. But even then, it is important that there is a contact person in the company whom the agency can turn to and who can provide the information.



A press kit summarizes all relevant background information for journalists. For startups, it ideally includes an introduction of the founding team including their founding story, the most important facts about the company, the founding idea and the plans for the future. It should also give an overview of your products or the services you offer. Here you can also point out your first customers, developments and visions.


Press releases

Press releases deal with a specific topic and should only be written and sent out when there is something new or particularly relevant to share about your startup. But don't worry: startups have many new topics and developments that are suitable for press releases anyway. On our blog, we have put together a selection of PR topics for you.


Good pictures

Good pictures are the be-all and end-all and should not be underestimated. That's why you should have them taken by a professional. The press kit should include pictures of the founding team or managing directors and of the products. Ideally, you should also include team pictures and a few impressions of your office. Print media need the images in 300 dpi. Important: Image rights must be stated!



The company website is your digital business card. Journalists also get information directly from your website or your social media channels. That's why the page should always be up to date. You should also create your own press page on which you provide the press contact and the most important information, the press kit, press releases and images for download.


Social Media

As mentioned earlier, after your website, your social media channels are your most important digital advertisement. Make sure you post content that has added value. Your audience will thank you if you not only share fun posts and memes, but also post information about your company, the team, but also relevant industry events. It's all in the mix!


Target groups and media

Bevor du mit PR startest, solltest du dir genau überlegen, wer deine Zielgruppe ist und an wen du die Informationen verbreiten möchtest. Wenn du zum Beispiel speziell Frauen der Gen Z ansprechen möchtest, dann erstelle dir erst mal eine Liste mit den wichtigsten Medien, die die Zielgruppe liest. Wenn du keine Ahnung hast, wer in der Redaktion dafür zuständig ist, ruf am Besten in der Zentrale an und lass dir die richtigen Kontaktdaten geben und dich direkt zur Journalistin oder dem Journalisten durchstellen. Denn E‑Mails gehen schnell unter – an die info@-Adresse sowieso.