Viva Technology 2022 These are the most interesting startups based in Europe

Yes – finally the time has come and the Startup Events are back on site. Networking with people in person, traveling by train and the very biggest plus: working and sightseeing in Paris. Viva Technology was the next big event after Online Marketing Rockstars in Hamburg in May. Saskia, Lena, Raphael and Carina traveled to Paris from Munich, Hanover and Stuttgart to see the latest trends in the startup scene. And: We were even there with our own booth.

Our learnings and observations


Respect, France!

While in Germany we have been discussing more startup funding and shares for employees for years, the startups are an important matter for the president in France. President Macron was even there in person to once again emphasize the importance of young companies for the French economy. 


Green Tech

We were particularly happy to see the Startup Expo with a lot of great ideas in the Green Tech area. Here, too, French startups are right at the forefront.


Female-Power meets tech

Based purely on personal perception, we would say that at German startup events such as Bits&Pretzels, for example, there is a proportion of women or female founders of perhaps 20, at most 30 percent. In France, we had the impression that about half of the founders were women.


Europe takes off

There is a lot going on in the European startup scene. In the software sector in particular, Germany, the Netherlands and Italy were among the frontrunners, along with France. For us, Italy had not been present before, so this was definitely an exciting insight. 

Our startups-to-watch list from Paris

A startup event stands and falls with the companies that are there. Yes, the keynotes are also exciting, but ultimately, of course, we want to see new ideas and trends. We have never seen so many startups at an expo as at Viva Technology. That simply has to be said. That's why it wasn't easy to choose the most exciting ones for you. These are the ones that left a lasting impression on us:


From our booth, we had a full view of Volocopter from Germany. The company develops electric VTOL flight cabs for passengers and cargo drones. Seeing the prototype in real life and being able to sit in it made the topic of urban air mobility real.


While we're on the subject of Urban Air Mobility, we can't forget Jetson from Sweden. The personal aircraft made of aluminum and carbon fiber could also be seen on site and one could really imagine flying to work with it. Jetson has probably already sold the first aircraft for just under $100,000 each. So if you still want to order yours for delivery in 2023, you can already do so on the Jetson website.

Fingreen AI

ESG stands for Environment, Social, Governance and now plays an essential role for financial investments. Fingreen AI is dedicated to helping asset managers, corporates, family offices and VC funds build their ESG risk analysis solutions with artificial intelligence. 


For us as an agency, surveys and studies are an important tool for communication. With Appinio you can create representative surveys of the target group in a few minutes. Appinio states that 93% of all surveys are completed on the same day. We will definitely test this out for ourselves.


Logistics and blockchain combined! Sounds strange, but it's a great solution to keep an eye on your supply chain. With Ownest, the responsibility for the goods is handed over to the responsible partner or service provider at every step of the supply chain. The info is then securely stored on a blockchain, so the data can't be tampered with either. And the client always knows where his goods are and what is happening to them.


Have you ever thought about investing together with your friends? Shares is an app that makes this possible. So you can think about a strategy together with the people you trust the most, discuss developments directly in the app and share your latest orders.